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Volume Caps




LeadConduit now offers the Volume Caps feature whereby Admin Users can set the maximum number of ‘good’ leads their Affiliates can provide in a Campaign that they manage.

A good lead is one that has not yet been marked as ‘bad’ by Leadconduit or the Advertiser.

There are two kinds of Volume Caps that can be set for your affiliate.

  • Daily Volume Cap : This is the number of good leads the affiliate can provide per day
  • Overall Volume Cap:  This is the number of good leads the affiliate can provide since the Effective date of the Cap.

Leads that exceed the Daily or Overall Cap will be marked 'Invalid' by LeadConduit.

View/Set Volume Caps for your Affiliates.

There are a couple of ways you can get to the volume caps screen:

  • Click the Affiliates Tab and follow the hyperlink in the Campaigns column for the affiliate you wish you set caps on.


  • Click the Campaigns Tab and follow the hyperlink in the Affiliates column for the campaign you wish to set caps on.
  •  You will now see the ‘Volume Caps’ column that tells you the current Daily/Overall Cap settings for your affiliates in Campaigns shared with them.
  • To Edit the cap settings, click on the hyperlink showing the current cap settings and See ‘Set Daily and Overall Caps” below.

Set Daily and Overall Caps.

The Lead Volume Cap Settings Page allows you to View/Edit the Lead Volume Caps for your Affiliate in a particular Campaign.

 To enable Daily Volume Caps :

  • Check the checkbox for ‘Cap number of leads per day’.
  • Type in the desired number of good leads per day.

 To enable Overall Volume Caps :

  •  Check the checkbox for ‘Cap overall number of leads’
  • Type in the desired number of good leads you wish to obtain from the affiliate.  When creating a new effective date (or resetting the effective date) the new Effective Date for the cap is always today at 12:01 am. The  Effective date remains unchanged unless you explicitly reset it to today’s Date using the ‘reset effective date’ button.

Click ‘Save Lead Caps‘.

Follow the ‘view history’ link if you wish to see the past changes to Volume caps.

View Volume Caps set by your advertiser on the number of leads you can provide.

  •  Click the Campaigns Tab.
  •  The ‘Volume Caps’ column in ‘Campaigns Available to me’ section will tell you the Daily and Overall Caps set for you by your advertiser in each campaign.

Receive Email Notifications when your Volume Caps change or when you have hit your Volume Cap.

  • Click the Campaigns Tab.
  •  In the ‘Campaigns Available to me’ section , follow the hyperlink showing the name of the Campaign you wish to receive notifications for.
  •  Use the 'Lead Volume Caps' section to enable email notifications.

last updated 9/23/2008 3:30 PM