LeadConduit by ActiveProspect

Email Lead Delivery


about configuring lead delivery 

LeadConduit can send each lead as it arrives in the body of an email message.  You must provide the email address of the person you wish to receive the email containing the lead data.  If you want the email to be sent to more than one person, simply provide multiple email addresses separated by a comma.

The email subject can be customized using variable placeholders.  If you wish to provide a custom HTML email body, you may do so.  Lead data can be inserted into your HTML using variable placeholders.  If you do not provide an email template, the lead data will be sent as plain text with each field value on a new line.  

Email destinations never produce a lead delivery failure.  A delivery to an email destination will always be either a success or an error.  Errors only occur in the event of a misconfiguration or system problem.


last updated 4/14/2009 10:08 AM