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DeliveryAdapter Lead Delivery


about configuring lead delivery 

DeliveryAdapter is an ActiveProspect application that makes short work out of delivering leads as a batch.  If you want to receive your lead as a scheduled email with attachment or FTP/SFTP upload, you'll need a DeliveryAdapter account.  LeadConduit customers should contact support if they wish to activate their DeliveryAdapter account.  Once your account is activated, simply add a new DeliveryAdapter "delivery" and note the unique delivery token that has been generated for you.  Then in LeadConduit, add a DeliveryAdapter destination and replace the question marks (???????) in the URL with that unique delivery token.  Leads will be sent to DeliveryAdapter as they arrive in LeadConduit and will be sent out in batch by DeliveryAdapter according to the configured schedule.

All DeliveryAdapter destinations result in a successful delivery if everything is working normally. 


last updated 4/14/2009 3:00 PM