LeadConduit by ActiveProspect

Lead Delivery to another Campaign


Leads can be delivered from one LeadConduit campaign to another.  This is just a special kind of HTTP delivery.  When adding a new destination, you may select "Campaign" as the delivery type.  This will cause your HTTP delivery to be pre-configured to deliver leads to another LeadConduit campaign.  You must substitute the correct xxNodeId in the posting URL.  The node ID can be retrieved from the posting documentation for the desired destination campaign.

When delivering leads into another LeadConduit campaign, you must configure the delivery destination to provide all required fields at a minimum.  You must also be careful to use the correct data formats.  Some campaigns take 10 digit phone numbers with no dashes while other campaigns take any format.  Variable placeholders make it possible to reformat values to adhere to the posting documentation for another campaign.

last updated 4/16/2009 9:32 PM