LeadConduit by ActiveProspect

Lead Details Screen


Complete the following steps to view Lead Details Screen

  1. Click the Statistics tab.
  2. Click the hyperlinked # under the column indicating the current status of the desired lead.
  3. The Lead Query Results screen will appear.
  4. Click on the desired lead (on the right) and the Lead Details screen will appear.

Understanding Lead Details Screen

The lead details screen shows the relevant information about the selected lead including its unique ID and status, field values, indicators for field problems, captured destination server response for the lead transfer, etc. There is also a launching point for functionality for importing a copy of the lead (useful for testing a new campaign or changes to an existing campaign).

Below is some information about this different sections of the page:

  • System Fields (upper left). This section shows system fields such as the unique lead identifier ("Lead ID") for the lead, the lead status, lead status detail, capture date and time, etc.
  • Campaign Fields (upper right). This section displays the actual contents of the lead. If any fields are highlighted in red it means there is a problem with that value. Conditions under which this can happen include:
    • the field is required but the value was not supplied.
    • the field has a constraint and the value does not respect the constraint. Constraints might be enumerations such as list of states, or patterns to match against say for email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Batch (middle left). This section shows information about the "batch" that a lead belongs to. If the lead was imported as part of a list of leads, every lead included with that import are part of the same batch. If the lead was received individually as part of a HTTP POST, than it has a batch size of one. Clicking on the Batch Id hyperlink takes you to a batch details page. From the batch details page it is possible to see the other leads in the batch and also to delete the entire batch.
  • Actions (lower left). In this section you can perform certain actions to a lead. You can update a lead's disposition (reject/rescind or confirm the lead). A copy of the lead may be imported from this panel via the "import a copy of this lead" link. This feature creates an exact copy of the lead as a brand new lead with a new ID. This feature is typically used for troubleshooting or correcting a problem with an individual lead. This new lead is submitted into LeadConduit as if it had come from the same source as the original lead. It will show up in your stats as any other lead.
  • Event panel (bottom of page). This section shows the technical details associated with the lead delivery for this particular lead. It shows the result of the attempt to transfer the lead from LeadConduit to the lead recipient. This could be a real time server response in XML or HTML, or an UNSPECIFIED event indicating the most recent event in the attempt such as an error or other unexpected response. The UNSPECIFIED event is a signal that the lead is pending and that possible action should be taken (e.g. contact the advertiser to determine if the system is down or if changes have been made, or contact ActiveProspect Support).
last updated 8/25/2008 3:20 PM