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Managed Lead Delivery


about configuring lead delivery 

Occasionally, lead delivery can be especially tricky.  If none of the available delivery destination types can be made to work for your campaign, ActiveProspect is able to provide bespoke "managed" setups.  Managed delivery for a campaign is billable as Professional Services time. Keep in mind that the more complicated the integration, the more time is required to do the work, resulting in additional Professional Services cost.

We do our best to meet the requirements of every lead recipient.

How to submit a request for a managed lead delivery setup

Email support@activeprospect.com and include the following information:

In the Subject Line of the email:

  • Lead Delivery set-up
  • Name of Campaign

In the Body of the email:

  • Name of Campaign
  • Description lead delivery requirements and explanation of why the self-service lead delivery options will not work in your situation. 
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