LeadConduit by ActiveProspect

User Login Overview


User Logins are associated with a single Account (Company/Organization). User logins are based on a user's email address. Therefore there can only be one user login per email address.

As a matter of policy, we will not disclose user login information to an individual who is not associated with the Account for which that user login is attached. This policy exists because a user has access to all of the relationships and leads that exist for a particular Account.

Account Types

There are two kinds of User Accounts in LeadConduit

  • Regular User
  • Admin User

User Rights

The following table describes the rights of an Admin User versus a Regular User.

Create a CampaignYesNo
Add/Modify Campaign FieldsYesNo
View Campaign FieldsYesYes
Share a Campaign With an AffiliateYesYes
Disposition Leads (Accounting Adjustments)YesNoAssuming that the admin user is associated with the Advertiser that owns the campaign
Import LeadsYesYes
last updated 8/25/2008 5:04 PM