LeadConduit by ActiveProspect

Life Cycle of a Lead


Lead Status

The lead status indicates the current state of the lead. The table below summarizes the possible values and their meanings.

PROCESSINGThe lead has been received by LeadConduit and has passed initial validation. It is presently undergoing some additional processing (such as being checked against an external suppression list or sending auto-responder email).
PENDINGThe lead has been received by LeadConduit and has passed initial validation. The lead has not yet been transferred to the advertiser.
INVALIDThe lead was not accepted by LeadConduit due to failing a validation process (e.g. missing a required field, duplicate lead, failed individual field constraint, etc.)
DELIVEREDThe lead has been delivered to the advertiser. Shown in export files as ACCEPTED.
REJECTEDThe lead was not accepted by the advertiser. The lead was either manually rejected (via the LeadConduit interface) before it was delivered to the advertiser or it received a reject response from the advertiser's server at the time of delivery.
RESCINDEDThe lead, after being successfully delivered to the advertiser, was subsequently rejected by the advertiser. Also known as "Returned leads". Rescinded leads are typically determined to be bad when the advertiser attempts to contact the lead (wrong phone number, bounced email addresses, never signed up, etc.)
CONFIRMEDThe advertiser has confirmed that the lead is good and has agreed to pay for the lead.

Progression of Lead Status Values

The following diagram displays the progression of Lead Status values.

Bad Leads

As you can see in the diagram above which shows the progression of Lead Status values, there are a number of places where a lead can be marked "Bad". We associate a specific lead status for each of these: Invalid, Rejected and Rescinded.

When a lead is submitted in real-time to LeadConduit via HTTP, we provide a real-time server response. If the lead is "Invalid" we will try to indicate as such within the real-time response. However, if a lead is subsequently Rejected or Rescinded by the Advertiser, there is no way for us to communicate this information via our initial server response. The only way for a lead provider to see that these leads were Rejected or Rescinded is to view the leads in their LeadConduit account.

last updated 8/25/2008 3:59 PM