LeadConduit by ActiveProspect

What Is an Account?


LeadConduit is used to track the flow of leads between Accounts. The following characteristics describe Accounts:

  • Accounts can assume the role of Affiliates (i.e. Lead Sources, Lead Sellers, Publishers, Lead Providers), Advertisers (i.e. Lead Buyers, Lead Recipients), or both
  • Accounts may "own" Campaigns
  • User Logins are associated with Accounts. A User Login may only be associated with a single Account. For example, Bob works for ACME, Inc. Therefore, Bob has a user login that is associated with the ACME, Inc. Account in LeadConduit.

There are two types of Accounts:

Accounts: A company or person that can conduct business with other accounts on LeadConduit. Only Accounts may have user logins associated with them. A legal entity will have a tax id associated with their account. A Legal Entity may only have one Entity account on the platform. For example, there will only be one Entity representing "ACME, Inc." on the platform. ACME, Inc. will be able to manage all of their Entity relationships through their single account.

Tracking Accounts: An account that has been created solely for tracking purposes. A tracking account may not have a user login associated with it.

last updated 8/19/2008 4:17 PM