LeadConduit by ActiveProspect

LeadConduit Response versus Final Recipient (Advertiser) Response


For each lead that flows through LeadConduit there are actually two separate delivery processes:

1) Inbound Delivery: A lead is submitted into LeadConduit from the lead provider (Affiliate).

2) Outbound Delivery: A lead is submitted to the Final Recipient (Advertiser) from LeadConduit.

If the delivery mechanism is via HTTP (Post/Get) than there will be a server response associated with it. Therefore if both the inbound and outbound delivery is via HTTP, there will be two separate server responses. We refer to these as the "LeadConduit Response" and the "Advertiser Response", respectively.

For inbound leads submitted to LeadConduit via HTTP, we provide our standard LeadConduit Server Response. This response doesn't contain any information about the Advertiser Response since that process hasn't taken place yet.

For outbound leads that are delivered to the Advertiser, we will interpret the Advertiser response that is provided. Unfortunately, every Advertiser response tends to be a little different. Some provide much more information than others. If the Advertiser uses the same format as our standard LeadConduit Server Response than we will automatically interpret it properly and can also capture reject reasons within the Lead Status Detail System Field. Otherwise, we must customize our interpretation of the Advertiser Response. In some cases, we can capture the reject reason in the Lead Status Detail System field for each lead.

QUESTION: I submitted a lead to LeadConduit and received a success response. However, later I logged into my account and saw that the lead had been rejected?

ANSWER: Yes, this happens often. Just because the lead is successfully delivered into LeadConduit doesn't mean that the Advertiser is going to accept it when we deliver it to them. If the lead is marked INVALID by LeadConduit, than the Affiliate will receive a real-time response indicating as such. For more information about the meanings of the different Lead Statuses, go to Life Cycle of a Lead (Lead Status)

For example, if the lead is a duplicate of another lead previously submitted into LeadConduit, that lead will be marked as invalid and the Affiliate will receive a real-time response indicating as such. However, if that lead is not a duplicate of any other leads within the campaign in LeadConduit, that Affiliate may receive a success response from LeadConduit. Subsequently, that lead may be rejected as a duplicate when it is delivered to the final receipient (Advertiser).

last updated 8/25/2008 4:42 PM