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Importance of the Lead Identifier (leadId)



The leadId is a unique identifier that is assigned to every lead that is submitted into the LeadConduit platform. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU CAPTURE AND STORE THE LEADID FOR EVERY LEAD THAT YOU SUBMIT INTO, OR RECEIVE FROM, THE LEADCONDUIT PLATFORM. The leadId is very important for two reasons: 1) it acts as a virtual receipt for your lead providers, and 2) it is necessary to disposition a lead (mark it as good or bad) in the LeadConduit platform.

Virtual Receipt

When a lead is submitted into LeadConduit, either directly from a consumer's browser or from another server, LeadConduit responds with a small piece of xml. The xml indicates whether the lead was successfully submitted. This server response provides a virtual receipt, as it contains a unique identifier for the lead - the leadId. We strongly encourage all lead providers to interpret the xml response and to capture the lead identifier.

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Lead Disposition

After receiving a lead from LeadConduit, you will probably want to update its disposition as either a good or bad lead in LeadConduit. This allows you to communicate to your lead providers whether you are paying for the lead, and updates the financials. This process is done by using the leadId. Therefore it is very important that you capture the leadId with the lead when you receive the lead from LeadConduit.

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last updated 8/25/2008 4:57 PM