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Updating Lead Disposition (Confirming or Rescinding Leads)


What does Confirm and Rescind mean?

  • To "Confirm" a lead means to indicate that the lead is good and is billable. In other words, the lead providers will be paid for the lead.
  • To "Rescind" a lead means to indicate that the lead is bad. Also known as "Returns".

For more info on lead status, go to Life Cycle of a Lead

The Advertiser that is paying for the lead has the final decision on whether a lead is acceptable. LeadConduit™ provides a mechanism whereby an Advertiser can disposition (rescind or confirm) leads after they have been processed by the Advertiser. This allows Advertisers to integrate the final dispositions of leads with LeadConduit™ and therefore to “close the loop” with lead providers. Often, it is impossible to determine if a lead is good or not until the Advertiser actually attempts to contact the prospect.

The disposition process can occur manually via the LeadConduit™ user interface (such as with a Disposition Adjustment), or automatically via the Advertiser Post Back Specification (via HTTP/HTTPS post). Both methods utilize the Lead Id to indicate which lead is being dispositioned. (The Lead Id is a unique identifier assigned to every lead that passes through LeadConduit™.) Using the Lead Id, an Advertiser can inform LeadConduit™ whether a lead is to be confirmed or rescinded. LeadConduit™ then takes appropriate action by updating the reporting for the appropriate lead provider(s).

How do I Confirm or Rescind leads?

Leads can be dispositioned (Confirmed or Rescinded) in three ways:

Note: Once all the leads for a particular time period have either been rescinded or confirmed by the Advertiser, the financial portion of the statistics page will be complete, whereby affiliates will see the final dollar totals they will receive for the leads they submitted during that time period.

Terminal Disposition

Only Leads that are in a "delivered" status can be confirmed or rescinded. Leads that are already in a terminal status (invalid, rejected, rescinded, confirmed) cannot be changed. We refer to these as terminal disposition. For example, you can't confirm a lead that is in a reject status. Furthermore, you can't reject a lead that has been confirmed as good. If the status needs to be changed, the only option is to delete the original confirm/rescind adjustment.

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