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Exporting Leads


LeadConduit provides a utility to export, or download a copy of, all the lead data in an account. Only the leads accessible via your account (whether you are a lead provider or lead recipient) can be exported.

Exported data is not removed from the system or altered in any way (i.e., the status is not changed).

Exporting Leads is not the same as Lead Delivery. When leads are delivered, they are moved from a Lead Source (i.e. Affiliate) to a Lead Recipient (i.e. Advertiser) either by Manual Transfer, Email Transfer, or Real-Time Automated Transfer delivery mechanism. See the link to Delivery Mechanisms.

Complete the following steps to Export Leads.

Navigate to the Export Screen

  1. Log in to your Account.
  2. Click the Tools tab.
  3. Click the Export link.

Enter the desired selection criteria in the Export Leads screen

  1. (Required) Select A Campaign from the pull-down list.
  2. (Required) Select Publisher(s) (i.e. "Affiliate" or "Lead Source") from the pull-down list. You can select to export Lead Data from either All Publishers or a single Publisher.
  3. (Optional) Select Status(es)1 (e.g. Submitted, Bad 2, Pending, Delivered3, or Confirmed)
  4. (Optional) Select Date Range. Note: This is the date the leads were originally submitted/captured.
  5. (Optional) Select System Field(s)1 System Fields are automatically generated by LeadConduit and are used for tracking purposes within the platform.
  6. (Optional) Select A Delimiter? option.
  7. (Optional) Enclose The Field Values In Quotes? option.
  8. (Optional) Include A Header? option.
  9. (Required) Select How would you like to run the export?. IMPORTANT: If you expect the Export to contain more than 500 leads, select the option "Run as a background task" to avoid potentially long delays in returning that much lead data to the screen (when selecting the "Run it immediately" option)
  10. Click Continue.

If the Run as a background task option was selected, an email with a file attachment containing the exported lead data will be sent to the recipient. If the Run it immediately option was selected, a download link for the exported data will be displayed on the screen.

For more information on working with the exported data, see Working with LeadConduit Export Files.

  1. By holding down the Shift key (or Control key) you can select a particular subset or the entire list of Status values in the list.
  2. Selecting 'Bad' will cause all leads with status of 'INVALID', 'REJECTED' or 'RESCINDED' in the 'Lead Status' column to be exported. For more information about lead statuses, visit the Lifecycle of a Lead page.
  3. 'Delivered' is an alias for leads with the 'ACCEPTED' lead status. Delivered leads are those with the status 'ACCEPTED'
last updated 11/24/2008 10:14 AM